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  Ideal self-defence for women and children

Wing Tsun was designed and developed by two women whose aim was to be able to defend themselves from, stronger, taller and, generally, better trained men in a realistic manner.

Since Wing Tsun does not rely on physical strength but on using the opponent's strength, it is perfectly adapted to women and children and can truly become a weapon to protect them in case of necessary self-defence.

In clubs, women and children train together as well as against men which immediately enables us to verify whether the technique "also works on men".

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From a psychological point of view, women and children learn how to:

  • Detect and avoid dangerous situations;
  • Identify the main reasons why women are more easily the targets for acts of violence;
  • Get rid of the "victim attitude";
  • Lay down limits.

In practice, among other abilities, women and children learn how to:

  • Recongnise and establish security perimeters;
  • Use strategy and good reflexes;
  • Defend themselves in an efficient maner if necessary.
WT et enfants
  Our Wing Tsun classes are adapted to women and children
  • First of all, this martial art was created by women and it is therefore, "by definition", perfectly adapted to their nature;
  • It is easy to learn because it does not rely on physical strength but uses the opponent's strength
  • Develops self confidence and increases awareness and concentration;
  • Our approach is comprehensive and realistic. All the aspects of the art (the theory, the practice, the legal and psychological aspects, it's "traditional martial" side, the modern self-defense) are part of our classes;
  • Wing Tsun training perfects reflexes and spontaneous reactions;
  • It improves physical condition and health;
  • The training atmosphere is very pleasant; support and respect are some of the fondamental values of our club.





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For your reflection...

"Fear is the belief that you are incapable of coping with a situation."

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WT kids


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