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Wing Tsun Kung Fu: Martial Art and Self-Defence


Why practise Wing Tsun ?

• It is a realistic, dynamic and efficient martial art, practiced for self-defence purposes

• Does not rely on physical force but uses the strength of the adversary

• Develops your reflexes and spontaneous reactions

• Improves physical condition and health

• Develops self-confidence and increases consciousness and concentration

• Founded on Chinese philosophies

• Easily accessible to anyone (men, women, old people, children)


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Wing Tsun in our Brussels-East school

• Traditional martial art and modern self-defense (Blitz-Defence)

• Global approach: theorie, applications, legal and psychological aspects

• Training in enjoyable and respectful atmosphere

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  Some history about Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a traditional Chinese martial art, created in China over 250 years ago by a Buddhist nun, Ng Mui.

She conceived it especially to win over the hard style of Kung Fu Shaolin. Ng Mui transmitted her new art of combat to another woman by the name of Yim Wing Chun (which means ‘radiant spring’).

Thanks to their techniques, these two women could beat even the most formidable men of their time. Wing Tsun was transmitted down the generations as a secret art, until the 1940s when the celebrated Grand Master Yip Man began to spread it widely in Hong Kong.

One of his students was Bruce Lee. It is thanks to him that Wing Tsun has for the first time, become known outside of China, before Lee developed his own combat concept (‘Jeet-Kune-Do’).

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Yip Man (on the left) and Bruce Lee practised Chi Sao.


Yip Man had many other students. Some of them continued to spread this martial art around the world; therefore, various branches have been created (Wing Chun, Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun, ...). The very last student of Yip Man was Leung Ting who is currently the Grand Master of the Wing Tsun branch.


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For your reflection...

"The real man is he who finds harmony between strength, flexibility and wisdom."

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