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  Wing Tsun: practical details

Wing Tsun is only taught by qualified instructors according to a well structured world wide teaching system. Great Master (Sijo) Leung Ting, last direct pupil of the Great Master Yip Man, is responsible for the system on an international level. The international headquarters of the IWTA (International Wing Tsun Association) is in Hong Kong.

Sigung Keith R. Kernspecht is responsible for Europe and he is the only person entitled to hand out instructor ranks. The European headquarters of the EWTO (European Wing Tsun Organisation) in Germany.

Classes in Brussels-East take place at Woluwé St-Pierre (Stockel). The official instructor is Sihing Emmanouel Lambrakis (3rd rank). Emmanouel has being practicing Wing Tsun for 25 years and has been teching it for more than 17 years. The programmes are supervised by Sifu Sandro Faricelli (5th rank) head of the VWTO (Vlaamse Wing Tsun Organisatie).

The classes in Woluwé St-Pierre (Stockel) take place in French (with possible translation in English, Greek, Spanish or Flamish).

WT et les femmes

Structure of the classes

The course of WT is structured into 12 "pupil" programs and 10 more advanced programs.

Each pupil program lasts at least 3 months at the end of which the student has to pass an exam with the national trainer. Training courses for the passing of the exams are organized on a regular basis.

According to the level, classes may consist of:

• Formes (Taos)

• Blitz-Defense (self-defence)

• Lat Sao (transition between theory and combat)

• Theory: physiology, strategies, legal aspects, psychology, ...

• Individual or group exercices (positioning and study of distances, balance, suppleness and chi kung, coordination and fitness, movement, speed and power training, …)

• Chi Sao, martial applications in true to life situations or Sparring (free fight)


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When and where:


Group lessons at the Stockel club (Woluwé St-Pierre)

Thursdays 7 pm to 9 pm (children can leave the classes earlier; to be discussed with the parents).

Classes take place all year long except two weeks breaks in Easter, Christmass and the Summer vacations.

Inscriptions can take place all year round (subject to availability).

Free try-out session but only on appointment for organisation reasons! Thank you for your understanding!

The club is in the Avenue Orban, very close to the Square Dumon (1150 Woluwé St-Pierre) and the Parking is very easy.

Public Transport : ==> Metro Stockel , Tram 39, Bus 36, 315, 317

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Private lessons at Ecaussinnes (Braine-Le-Compte)

The private classes (men, women, children or parent with child) take place at Ecaussinnes (Braine-Le-Compte) according your availabilities (Saturday or Sunday).

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Price and reductions


Group classes at the club: 40 EUR per month

Students, retired, unemployed: 35 EUR per month

Reductions for payment per trimester. Also additional reduction for families, couples and groups!


Possibilities of additional training


  • exam-stages with the national trainer
  • thematic stages
  • international stages

(the dates of the different stages are announced in the page "members")

  • supplementary classes in another Wing Tsun schools of the federation or training with partners of the club
  • tools (books, videos…), etc.

More information will be provided to you by the instructor.

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