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  The self-defence classes in Brusseles

Wing Tsun is an adapting martial art. Because of its flexible principles, WT can adapt to the realities of modern-day life (particularly with Blitz-Defence) without necessarily losing its values and the strength of the original style. The actual teaching of Wing Tsun is adapted to the abilities and rhythm of each pupil.

The Blitz-Defence is a realistic and modern self defense method developed by the Great Master Keith R. Kernspecht after over 25 years of research and dedicated study of real-life cases.

The techniques of Blitz-Defence all stem from Wing Tsun but they are not taught in an isolated way. Rather, they are integrated to their social reality whilst respecting the principles of the traditional martial art.

Completely integrated in Wing Tsun training, Blitz-Defense includes all the aspects of defence: social, psychological and technical by placing them in their true context such as the street, car parks, parties, etc.

Because it is true to life and efficient, WT has been used by the police forces of several countries (over 50!) as well as by special elite units (FBI, RAID…).

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Today, Wing Tsun and Blitz Defence are practised together on nearly every country of the world and the international organisation of Wing Tsun represents the style of Kung-fu that has the most registered members in the world.

  The benefits of Blitz-Defence
  • Realistic and modern self defense
  • Includes all aspects of defense (social, legal, psychological, technical)
  • Allows you to learn and set your limits
  • Stems from traditional Wing Tsun techniques
  • Structured through progressive programs
  • Easy to learn
  • Doesn't use strength
  • Easily accessible at all ages (men, women, old people, children)


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For your reflection...

"What lies still is easy to grasp. What lies far off is easy to anticipate. What is brittle is easy to shatter. What is small is easy to disperse. Therefore deal with things before they happen."






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